Monday, August 8, 2016

Discovery and detritus by Jack and Naomi

The two dervishes whirled and went. 
Moving ...
In their wake, I still discover sticky notes left over from their made up games, hidden behind furniture, on the back of the toilet seat, in the shower. 
Obviously ... in code
Tangible reminders of turbocharging my Canadian pied-à-terre.

At YVR, it begins with a hug from Jack and a punch from Naomi and ends much the same. 

And then … it is all fast forward.

Unadulterated verve … go, Go, GO with max audio (squealing)!  No walking, only running, hopping, skipping, jumping between cracks or carpet squares (‘break your mother’s back’).  Continuous climbing, jumping (couch trampoline), spinning, sliding, swinging, zipping.  Exuberant exploration.  Punctuated by truncated jet lagged sleep.

Watermania (indoor water park), Fraser River/Waterfront/David Lam Parks (climbing structures), Terra Nova (outdoor adventure playground with zip line), Lonsdale Quay (shops/indoor climbing structure), Fun4kids (Indoor climbing/slide/maze structure), Kidstropolis (indoor kids town and climbing/slide/maze structure) by public transportation.

Steering in Kidstropolis

Piloting in Kidstropolis

Gastown, Granville Island (Kids mall), Daiso $2 store, feeding giant coi at friend’s pond ...

Discovering.  Electronic fobs – take turns.  ‘Compass’ (electronic transit cards) – take turns.  Escalators – jump step.  Buses – pull stop cord.  Sky Train (driverless elevated train) – hold on.  Ferry – go to the front.  Sea taxi.  Sea planes. 

Creative playing.  Let’s put gong gong (maternal granddad) in prison (Kidstropolis).  Escape, chase, capture, imprison, escape, chase, capture, imprison, escape chase, capture, imprison ...  ‘Gong gong catch us’ in the climbing structure (note: 4’ high passage ways, full of obstacles, and steep skin scraping slides) – attempted but impossible.  Gong gong, find the hidden (on stickies) numbers and letters ...

Rediscovering Vancouver through 3 and 5 year old eyes. 

Reinvigorated AND exhausted. 

I just find the ‘M’ or 'W'. 

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