Tuesday, December 22, 2015

2015: A year in travels

Ben (In like Flint, MI) – Senior year

San Francisco (multiple to see Theresa)

Residency interviews
East Lansing
Ann Arbor

Foreign travel
Vancouver, Canada – engaged
Uganda – Mbale, Bududa, Jinja, Sipi Falls, Murchison Falls, Kampala
Vietnam – Sapa, Hanoi, Phong Nha, Hoi An, Saigon, Vung Tau

Los Angeles
Las Vegas
Zion Nat’l Park
Bruce Canyon
Arches Nat’l Park
Canyonlands Nat’l Park
Antelope Canyon
Grand Canyon

Tally:  34+ cities and sites

B (places where I stayed in 2015 in chronological order)

Denver – U. Colorado (3 talks)
Vancouver, Canada – tai chi
Beijing, China
Vietnam – Hanoi, Phong Nha, Hoi An, Saigon
Chicago – American Academy of Pediatrics
Madison – U. Wisconsin (talk)
Mendham – grandkids
Baltimore – Mt. Sinai (2 talks) during Baltimore riots
East Lansing – Ben’s graduation
Lawrence – Dad’s memorial celebration
Madison – wedding
Toronto, Canada – Canadian Pediatric Society (talk), Toronto Sick Kids (group mentoring)
Mendham – grandkids
Vancouver, Canada – tai chi
Hong Kong, China – Dad’s estate
Vancouver, Canada – tai chi
Madison – friends
Japan – Osaka – meet Dr. Nagita, Kanazawa – sights, Oyama – Jichi U. (talk), Mito – sights, Tokyo – Japan Society for Psychosomatic Pediatrics (talk) … Jiro’s sushi
Irvine – APAMSA (2 talks + panel)
Washington DC – NASPGHAN (Teri Li Education Award)
Mendham – grandkids
Princeton – Asian American Alumni: We Flourish (panel)
Pittsburgh – 2nd Nausea & Vomiting Conference (talk, CVS guidelines)
Washington DC – National American Academy of Pediatrics Conference (3 talks)
Boston – Massachusetts General Frontiers in Gastroenterology (talk)
Mendham – grandkids birthdays
Mendham – grandkids Thanksgiving
Denver – X-mas with Ben & Theresa

Tally:  35 cities (14 int'l), 20 invited talks etc. – whew, most ever
It began and ended in Denver – Rocky Mountain (cannabis) high
I was disoriented – where in the world is B Li?
I hit platinum – bioupgradable
It’s downhill from here – enjoyed it while it lasted

Highlights of 2015:
Buckeyes are undisputed National Champs - win historic first playoff
APAMSA's 20th anniversary - it is still up and running
Trekking to Vietnam’s Hang En caves – the 3rd largest in the world
Japan – omnipresent aesthetics that I revel in, Jiro’s sushi lunch
Vancouver – humbled but still learning from my Tai Chi master

and most important
Dad’s memorial celebration – closure but more to be done
Wrassling and floor time with Naomi and Jack 
Ben’s graduation and engagement to amazing Theresa

Happy Holidays to all!

Highlights in pictures

Against many odds, my Bucks did it and I wore my Buckeye hat!

Keynote at APAMSA's 20th anniversary - an organization that I co-founded in 1995

Immensity defined, a human but a speck

Encamped on a sandbar inside Hang En cave 

Shirakawa-go village - idyllic World Heritage site

I eat Jiro's dream of sushi, it is out of this world

Sifu Paul Tam Nat'l Champion of Southern Fist and Master of Chen's (original form) Tai Chi 

Jack and the bean stalk

A berry, berry happy Naomi
Ben graduates in East Lansing (Teri was there), begins residency in Denver

Theresa and Ben blissful in Hawaii